May 28, 2011

The domestication of the dog

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dogsIn the domestication process, the dog is inserted in the human conviviality, for that, it is extremely necessary that it is socialized, so that it can interact with human beings in a coherent way and socially it accepts. When being socialized, the dog starts to have a harmonicer relationship with his human family. 
Considering that most of the attacks happens in family contexts and commonly they are addressed people and friends, the socialization becomes a more significant need. Through the socialization process, the dog doesn’t attack a known child when she invades his territory for not identifying her nor as threat, nor as prey. 
The phase of the life that is going from eight to sixteen weeks a critical point is considered in the emotional development of the dogs. In that phase, the dog learns with very more easiness and in a more intense and durable way what is safe or not for him. 
Dogs that until the 16 weeks they don’t have contact with people pass behaving as savages, what turns him unable to learn simple commands of training. 
The process of primary socialization is characterized by the positive presentation to the nestling (8-16 weeks) of all the controllable factors that will be part of his life. Those controlled factors are: people of different ages, toys and objects. 
Source: CFMV Magazine  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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October 18, 2010

Human medicines: to use or not to use?

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drugsThe veterinary medicines, servants for dogs and cats, act with a lot of speed. Usually they have flavors that help to be swallowed with more easiness and their formulas come in several concentrations, so that they can satisfy as much the needs of nestlings as of adults and small and big loads. 
Some human medicines are dangerous when administered in animals. However, as many human medicines contain the same active ingredients of the versions for animals, a lot of times you can relieve the symptoms of the animal with a ready service, but it is necessary to know which medicines to use and which the dosage. 
Hardly ever the animals should receive the same dosage that a person. Their organisms work in way different from the one of the humans and them don’t metabolize drugs in the same way. The dose for animals is based usually in their corporal weight, therefore it is necessary to know as they weigh for then can medicate them. The medicines liquids are easier to adjust the dose.  

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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August 17, 2010

Doga: good for you, good for your dog

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dogaDid you already hear to speak in Doga? 
A lot similar to traditional Yoga, the movements of Doga imitate the one of the human practice (with the exception of the member flexibility). With a series of extensions, elevations and massage, the owners work with the bodies of the dog in a symbiotic exercise. 
The people are seeking healthy and entertaining activities to practice with their dogs. The dog to pass to acquire their owners’ energy, but that is not the only benefit. 
The action of caressing, to play the animal allows to the owner to feel the whole body of him and like this to notice any abnormality. The continuous manipulation also help the animal getting used to with the human touch, that can be useful in a veterinary consultation. 
It is an entertaining way to understand something on the philosophy of Yoga, that means union. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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July 5, 2010

Treating with floral

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The body works through physical and chemical connections. Actually it is captivate and receiver of energy. An energy is capable to interfere in another of same frequency. The organism also emits energy depending on as it works: if we are sad, we emitted a type of energy, if we are cheerful generated another type. The flowers, as well as every alive being, also possess their energy configurations, then, when the patient takes a floral one, that energy that was removed of the flowers for a certain problem or emotional difficulty that you are passing, it interferes in your energy doing with that she has a larger emotional balance. 
Vibrate Essence is defined as the mixture natural, craft, that brings registered in her content the pattern vibrate of an or several manifestations of the original Conscience of the Nature, that enter in resonance with the field of the people’s Conscience, groups, collectivity, animals, atmospheres and ecosystems, acting as catalytic beginning that activates expansion processes and transformation of the conscience, waking up their talents, virtues and latent potentials, and resulting in the restoration of the peace, harmony and balance.   
For her own vibrate nature, the Essences don’t have direct impact on the biochemistry of the body, as it has the foods, pharmaceutical medicines or  drug psychophysics. They are not medicines and they don’t substitute those means, because they don’t possess active beginnings of material nature. They act for vibratory resonance among fields mórficos. In spite of they be used priorly in the form of drops and they be ingested, her indication for third is not configured as prescription of medicines, being able to her indication then to be enabled professionals of any area, since qualified profissionalmente to do it. 
The animals are very beneficiaries with the treatment through the floral ones, where it is obtained beneficial results in little time. The one that needs have in mind it is that a lot of times it is not only the animal that he needs to change, therefore if the same causer energy of the problem stays in the atmosphere, the animal won’t get better. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 25, 2010

Animals aid in the people’s treatment

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therapy assisted by animalThe human beings live together with animals there are thousands of years and they are maintained by the man due to the most varied reasons. For his time man-animal therapeutic relationship is also old preceding the own history. Written old and myths of Rome talk about the power of the divine cure through sacred dogs. 
Now it is known that the animals act as agents promoters of health and well to be, they contribute to facilitate and to do pleasant the life, besides developing the human potential of generosity, sociability and compassion. 
Several authors affirm that the interaction with the animals can qualify the man in the improvement of the life quality, socialization, education, health and besides in the reduction of the stress levels and aggressiveness. 
Did you already hear to speak of therapy attended by animals and of the benefits that she can bring? The therapy with animals has the purpose of reaching the therapeutic objectives of each patient one, using the animal as co-therapist in the process, facilitating the socialization and motivating the patient to accomplish the treatment in a casual way and many entertaining times. The objective of promoting improvement of the human patients’ function physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive. 
The benefits of healthy AAT: to promote relaxation and recreation; to reduce the solitude and the anxiety; to increase the self-esteem, communication capacity and pleasure in living; to motivate the group activities and the communication among the people; to stimulate the physical exercises and healthy habits; to reduce heart problems; to develop new learnings, experiences and affectivity; to overcome deficiencies; to improve deficit of attention, concentration, hiperatividade, memory and reasoning; to reduce the index of use of medicines. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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June 11, 2010

The communication of the animals

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dogThe capacity of the human language is the main line that it distinguishes us of other beings of the animal kingdom. 
In that sense, researchers believe that one day the animals will acquire our communication form, especially, the language, however they are unanimous when telling the a lot of peculiarities that should be acquired for such, because the animals possess anatomical limitations that impede them of the type of human communication. 
In spite of those limitations, however, resulted advindos of studies about animal communication have been surprising the academic community more and more when showing that the communication processes among them are extremely sophisticated tends, a lot of times, an incredible similarity with the forms of human communication. 
Each animal communicates with others of yours or of other species through mechanisms that are characteristic inside of their respective groups. 
It is unquestionable the capacity that the animals have to know each one of these gestures, odors or sounds very well and of differentiating them some of the other ones, knowing their exact meanings. 
In that context, it is known that the communication among the animals can be visual, tátil, chemistry and resonant. 
Some animals use in those communication ways for his own identification, to attract females, to flee or to drive away predators or, even, to establish social hierarchies or to demarcate territories.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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