June 18, 2011

The history of the giant cat

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Maine CoonIt is said that Maine Coon appeared of the crossing among wild cats with raccoons (racoons) . That faith gave him the name of CoonCat or simply Coon. Later, the denomination of the race incorporated the one of his origin area. 

 Diffused in the middle of 1953 by the state of Maine, east of the USA, actually Maine Coon is resulted of the crossing of American cats of short hair with races of for the long ones. 

 The race impresses for the size and affectionate personality. It can get to weigh 10 Kg and to cross that weight when castrated and to be long up to 4 years to reach the adult stature. He possesses more than 60 colors (black, white, cream, ash, brown and combinations among them). 

Imposing and majestic, they present exuberant coat, he needs to groom daily. 

With his spirit hunter, they are outdoors more predisposed the life. He lives together peacefully with other cats, dogs or others encourage, he is an excellent companion. In spite of being big and strong, it is not aggressive. Difficultly it is heard the meow and it is weak as of a nestling. 

The longest cat of the world calls Leo, it weighs 15,8 Kg and it measures the snout to the tail 1,219 meters.  

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May 24, 2010

Domestic cat – a long history

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catThe domestic cat is very popular as pet. Occupying the top of the alimentary chair is a natural predator of several animals as rodents, birds and geckos. 
The first association with the humans that news is had happened there are about 9500 years, but the domestication is much older. 
They are an evolutionary adaptation of the wild cats. Crossings among different specimens turned them smaller and less aggressive to the humans. The cats were domesticated firstly in Middle East. 
When the populations stopped being nomadic, the people’s life started to depend on the agriculture. The production and storage of cereals, however, it ended for attracting rodents. On that moment the cats started to be part of the daily of the human being. 
Registrations found in Egypt, as engravings and statures of cats, they indicate that the relationship of that animal with the Egyptians dates of at least 5000 years. Their love for the cats was so big that there were laws that prohibited that the cats were exported. 
Nowadays, the cats are animal quite popular, serving the man as a good company animal and they still continue being used by farmers. 
34 races of cats exist.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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