October 29, 2011

What do your dog really need?

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dogDo you know the real needs of your animal? Most of the people knows, but it is always good to remember. 
To be healthy and happy, your dog need: 
1 – of balanced diet (fresh water and appropriate food, remains of food won’t be enough to assist him daily needs); 
2 – of basic cares (the hygiene is very important to avoid infestation for parasites); 
3 – of exercises (to avoid futures problems of health); 
4 – of bed with clean blanket (protection against high and low temperatures); 
5 – of cares with the hair; 
6 – to be training; 
7 – of cares when you leave of vacations; 
8 – of company (dogs are sociable and they will be unhappy if left alone for a long time); 
9 – if it is necessary to tie the animal, use a long thread of running, fixed currents or strings can be rolled up in the dog and to cause wounds; 
10 – vaccines and vermifuge; 
11 – castration of the animal (all of the years, hundreds of thousands of dogs are sacrificed by there not being appropriate homes in enough number); 
12 – veterinary attendance. 
Source: WSPA 
Vet Therapy – Dra. Cynara Campanati  

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July 27, 2010

Activities for cats

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cat playingThe cats are less active than the dogs. Some researches calculate that the cats sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day. Who has cat agrees that they like to nap. Even if your cat is sleepy, he needs exercises to maintain healthy and to spend energy. 
The cat with a lot of energy is bored and then to destroy the pieces of furniture, to drop things of the shelves, he searches the can of the garbage. The nestlings walk for the house, they arise and they get off the pieces of furniture, they walk around the table and close to the walls. Some cats need motivation to exercise.  
At the market exists many toys that you stimulate the cat to play. The toys tied to a stick, balls, mice, flashlights, etc. 
The persecution is good other game. It is enough to go behind your kitten until that he begins to run, then pursue him for the house. 
Always leave toys to the disposition of the cat for the house and in the schedule in that you are present plays with him for some minutes, that will stimulate him. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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