July 30, 2011

What is rehabilitation and how it can help your animal

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physiotherapyRehabilitation is the restoration to the normality, or to the closest possible of her, in way and of function altered by some lesion type. That rehabilitation is made through techniques used as the acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic (art of adjusting with the hands the sub-luxation of the articulations of the body).   

The rehabilitation includes the patients’ evaluation with functional limitations, incapacity and/or locomotion difficulties, pain, posture alterations, etc. After that evaluation accomplished by the specialist of the area, the treatment protocol is drawn.   

The animal rehabilitation is used since the decade of 80 in the United States and in Europe and it is usually used as main treatment before the conventional medicines and of the surgery. The animal is only directed for surgery if he doesn’t answer to the rehabilitation, and when submitted to the surgical procedure his recovery is faster, because the rehabilitation improved his physical condition.

The Acupuncture is a technique of stimulation of defined areas in the skin, for needles and/or for transfer of heat for therapeutic ends. It fills out a gap between the medicine and the surgery.  

It is known that the acupuncture affects all of the physiologic systems (normal function of the body), acting from way to take the organism to find his energy balance, doing with that the energy blockades (pain points) they are undone and the energy flows correctly for the body. It is gotten to restore the normal activities of the organs, visceras, members, since, there be not irreversible structural alterations (for instance, paralysis of members for rupture of the marrow espinal).   

It treats problems as paralyses, pain, locomotion difficulties, posture alteration, disk disease or bone alterations, skin problems, behavior problems, etc.    

The Physiotherapy is the treatment of a disease through exercises and apparels. It evaluates, prevents and  treats the movement disturbances. It acts in the most different areas with procedures, techniques, methodologies and specific approaches with the objective of treating, to minimize and to prevent the most varied dysfunctions.     

Many resources exist, as, for instance: the therapeutic ultrassom, laser, stimulation neuromuscular, pulse magnetic field, etc.   

Many problems can be treated as: articulate problems, muscle problems, bone problems, pain, locomotion difficulty, paralyses, muscle atrophies, arthrosis, etc.     

Chiropractic is the art of adjusting with the hands the sub-luxations of the articulations of the body. An exam of palpation of the articulations is accomplished and the articulations that come untidy they are adjusted.  She stimulates the force of the recuperation of the body to cure without the use of medicines or surgery.   

A sub-luxation doesn’t allow the nervous information to flow correctly, therefore when adjusting the body of the animal we are helping the nervous system so that he can recover his functionality, improving the movement of the articulations of the spine and of the extremities of the animal. This improvement of the movement results in muscles, tendons and ligaments more resistant, strong and developed.  

A disadjusted vertebra can cause pain, posture alteration and in the walk, paralyses, aggressiveness, low performance in animals athletes, lameness, etc.   

As it is a specialized treatment, only the specialist of the area can specify the number of sections, treatment type and duration of the treatment.    

The animal seemingly can be recovered, but if it is not totally rehabilitated can happen a relapse or to appear other problems.     

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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July 16, 2011

Cancer treatment in cats

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cancer in catsCancer is a common disease in cats, just as in other domestic species and in human beings. 
The experience obtained starting from the human medicine has result in the development of treatments in animals and many used medicines were developed for the human beings’ treatment, however some used in dogs and humans are not appropriate for cats. 
Most of the tumors appears starting from the transformation neoplásica of a single stem cell. Initially the tumors grow quickly, but the growth speed decreases as the size increases. 
The growth fraction constitutes the most important factor than it determines the answer of a tumor to the chemotherapy, because most of the medicines is active just against cells in growth and in division. The ideal period to treat a tumor with chemotherapy is in the beginning of her development course, when the load of tumor is low, the time of duplication is short and the growth fraction is high. The cells in rest inside of a tumor they are also essential, because they form a reservoir protected starting from which a tumor can retire. Therefore, those cells determine the definitive result of the treatment. 
Initially, the tumors are composed of a group of cells reasonably homogeneous, but with successive cellular divisions, genetic mutations that check phenotype properties different in the cells daughters. Therefore, the cellular population of a tumor becomes heterogeneous regarding the characteristics biochemical, morphologic and of answer to the drug. 
Some tumors are resistant to the chemotherapy; for instance, many carcinoma and the malignant melanoma. Big tumors and of slow growth they are also, because of the fraction of low growth. The tumor cells, in the same way can acquire resistance through mutation. 
The theoretical objective of any cancer treatment is to reduce the population of tumor cells to zero. It can be used radical chemotherapy if the intention will cure the tumor. However, in veterinary medicine, it has a balance to be reached between effectiveness and toxicity of the treatment. 
The chemotherapy should be reserved for malignant tumors that knowingly answer to the medicines. It is indicated against disseminated diseases or systemic, as lymphoma, myelona, leukemia. The chemotherapy rarely has value as only treatment of solid tumors, as carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, in that case the surgery or radiotherapy would be the first treatment choice. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati   

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March 27, 2011

Psychological pregnancy, a common problem

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nestlingThe psychological pregnancy in dogs is more common than thinks she, happens in more than 50% of female dogs no castrated. Besides the psychological alterations, she causes physical alterations also. 
It happens due to hormonal alterations capable to influence the behavior and the development of mammary tissues. That happens when there is a fall of the hormone progesterone, present in the rut. When the female dog is to give birththe progesterone level falls, what stimulates the production of the prolactin, that acts in the mammary tissue activating the production of milk and causing the maternal behavior. 
It is common the female dogs present the psychological pregnancy after the castration, if accomplished up to 3 months after the beginning of the rut. With the retreat of the ovaries, responsible for the progesterone production, there are interruption of the production of that hormone and liberation of the prolactin. 
The signs of the psychological pregnancy are: the animal scrapes the corners of the house; he protects an area or object; he is anxious or crying and appetite lack. 
To interrupt that behavior it can be used medicines that inhibit the prolactin production. They make to interrupt the production of milk and the maternal behavior quickly. Otherwise, the pregnancy finish in 2 weeks. 
To remove the objects that the animal adopted as nestling during that period can increase the anxiety and to stimulate compulsive behaviors or until turning him aggressive. 
The increase of the mammas is normal and the produced milk ends being absorbed by the organism, but it sometimes happens inflammation of the mammary glands, appearing pits, pain and red skin. Therefore, consulting a veterinarian. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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February 20, 2011

Cares with the ears of the dogs

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otitis_externaOne of the most common problems in the dogs is the otitis externa. Different from the people, the dogs have very long ear canal and the shape in “L” hinders the visualization of the canal without the otoscope. 
The format in “L” of the canal also hinders the exit of the water as she enters in the ear of the animal, causing infection and irritation. The dogs with pendulous ears, it creates a warm atmosphere, favorable for the growth of bacteria. 
It is important to examine the ears of the animal to see if there are irritation or excessive formation if secretion. Secretion discharges are inflammation sign. 
When giving bath in the animal, always put cotton in the ears to avoid that the water enters in the ear canal. And after the bath, dry the ears well. 
Be more attentive to the dogs with pendulous ears, if the dog scratches the ears insistently or feels pain when being played in the area.    
Make the cleaning of the ears with cotton and products adapted weekly. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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January 18, 2011

When to take the animal to the dentist?

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Interview accomplished with Dr. Alexandre Venceslau of VetDent:  
dog teeth1 – why is the dental treatment necessary? 
 The dental treatment in animals is as necessary as in people. Several diseases have origin in the oral cavity, and also oral diseases are very common in pets. In fact, the main disease that affects dogs and adult cats is the periodontite, that attacks about 85% of the dogs and cats above the 3 years of age, being the main and more frequent veterinary disease in these species. 
2 – with that age should be begun? 
 So soon the deciduous teeth appear they are necessary cares with the oral health of the pet.  
3 – with that frequency is necessary to do a treatment? 
It depends a lot on patient for patient. In general, it is recommended that at least once a year the proprietor of the pet makes an evaluation with the specialized veterinary doctor, that will guide better as for possible necessary treatments. 
4 – which the oral diseases? 
The main, as already said, is the periodontite, that is characterized by the accumulation of bacterial plate, formation of dental calculation (tartar) and consequent evolution for gingivitis. But they are also quite common dental fractures, persistence of deciduous teething, jaw fractures, oral neoplasias.   
5 – which the consequences of not treating the teeth?  
The non treatment can in more serious cases to take the patient to the death. But, before that, a series of complications can happen, therefore a periodontite no controlled generates a bacteremia, with bacterial by-products going to the sanguine circulation and affecting organs as liver, kidneys, meninges, articulations and even the heart.  
Dental fractures no treated can cause a lot of pain to the patient, as well as also the bacteremia.  
6 – how to prevent the oral problems? 
 The best way is the daily, associated dental brush, a quality feeding and balanced. Besides, to avoid habits to provoke traumas and dental fractures or you pray, as for instance, games with tires, to pull rope, hard bones.  
Also frequency visits is recommended to a specialized veterinarian, that it will detect any abnormality that is happening in the oral cavity of the pet. 
 7 – how does to know the animal need a treatment? 
 Usually the animals manifest signs that something is wrong with the oral cavity. Patient that pass the paw frequently in the mouth, they scrub the snout in the ground, they chew with an alone side of the mouth, they can be being attacked in some way. But not always they demonstrate that something this wandered, therefore, it is important to look at the oral cavity of the animal frequently. 
Signs as bad breath, tartar presence, inflamed gum or bleeding, gum retraction, growth of “masses” (tumors) they are also indicative that something is not normal and it is hour of taking him to the veterinarian. 
8 – which accomplished treatments? 
 Practically everything that takes place in the human dentistry today is possible to do in animals. Treatment of periodontite, channel treatment, dental correction with installation of apparels, prostheses, implants, etc.  
Treatments that 10 years ago they were considered luxury or unviable, today it is reality.  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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November 29, 2010

Are your animal allergic?

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dogThe alimentary allergies can affect any dog or cat, but they are not so common. 
The animal usually resists the protein in the food, as milk or meat. The most typical reaction in dogs is an itch dispersing for the body, while the cats develop itches in the area of the face and head. With less frequency, the reaction is vomit or diarrhea. 
In some cases, the animal develops a more serious allergic reaction to the food and edemas appear. The edemas usually appear in 20 to 60 minutes, around the eyes and of the nose. 
If the animal is with a very strong reaction, you will usually notice breathing problems, could take to a breathing stop. It is treated of an emergency and the animal should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. 
The allergic reaction to feed can be controlled easily once discovered and avoided the responsible ingredient by the allergy. 
The process of elimination of foods indicates which of them exactly causes problems. That means to do with that the animal eats a diet that never ate before. After the skin of the animal is normal, increase to the diet the suspicious foods, one of every time to discover which provokes the allergy of them. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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August 14, 2010

Does your animal really need surgery?

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dog-playing-ballIf you went to the doctor and him told you that you would have to do a surgery, even before trying other treatments less invasive and aggressive, what would you make? 
1 - already mark the surgery, without trying other treatments? 
2 - see other doctors to hear one second, third or up to fourth opinion? 
3 - make other exams? 
4 - see some alternative treatment and then, only if it didn’t have result, there yes it would leave for a surgical procedure? 
If it went a survey, I am sure that the number 1 would be in last. If the people act like this in their lives and of their relatives, why with their animals are the attitudes different? 
Many professionals have been submitting animals to unnecessary surgical procedures, be for which reason goes, that doesn’t matter, but some animals have been suffering a lot with that attitude. The risk of an anesthesia, the physical and emotional suffering of a postoperative one and the worst, not always the problem is solved and in some cases until worsened. 
What to do then when the professional says that the animal needs a surgical procedure? 
Simple. Be put in the place of your animal. If it had the same possession that him and did his doctor indicate him the surgery the one what you would do?  

You can be sure that taking that attitude, you and your animal will receive the best treatment and later there won’t be regrets. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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August 2, 2010

5 domestic items that can make to the animal badly

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Many dangers exist at house can hurt the animal. The curiosity and the exploration sense can do with that they ingest poisonous products: 
1 – medicines – as much human as veterinarian, when ingested and in great amount they can take the death the animal. 
2 – human food – some foods are poisonous for the animals.  
3 – plants – many of the plants that it is had home are poisonous.  
4 – rodenticides and insecticides – highly poisonous and they can take to death quickly. 
5 – products of cleaning – many of those products are poisonous, so much for the animals as for the human beings. To avoid accidents keep them out of the reach and very well covered. 
Vet Therapy-Cynara Campanati

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July 23, 2010

Skin treatment with sugar

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The paper of the sugar is not limited to the of energy substrata. 
In the last years, the scientists began to recognize his role in the surface of the cell, discovering his functional value of communication and signalling. These molecules are now beginning to exercise his function as active components, with beneficial effects about the animal health. 
Sugar of the cellular surface are the molecules more used in the recognition among molecules, for interaction and communication. They also play an important part against pathogens microorganisms. 
The control of the microbial proliferation and of the inflammation it is obligatory in a lot of skin diseases. A promising approach in the veterinary dermatology is the use of sugars/carbohydrates similar exogenous to help to control the cutaneous infections and inflammatory diseases. 
In the same way that the microbes interact with you sugar them located correspondents in the epidermic surface, they link to the carbohydrates exogenous administered topically in the quality of “traps”. Without receivers, the microorganisms don’t get to adhere, nor to colonize the skin.

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July 8, 2010

As we influenced the animals

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Your conscience influences other around, it influences material properties, it influences your future and your animal also. Besides the energy it interns and peculiar of each person, we are influenced by the energy of the other ones with whom we linked, be for period brief or long. 
It is you who decides as feels or to act, based on the ways that you chose to notice your life. 
12 thousand years ago the dogs were domesticated and they started to live together with the human being. Such close relationship created a complicity capable to modify both parts. We are impassioned by them and them not only they depend as they are influenced by us. 
Of all of the domesticated species, the dog without a doubt it is it that more adapted to the human world and they opened hand of almost all their interests to serve us. If in the beginning that relationship based on the change of favors, with the time we started to look for in them much more than protection or company. Them if they turned indispensable to our good to be. 
That it sorts things out influenced the animals? Why some if they seem so much with their owners, they have similar habits and do they develop the same diseases? 
The Quantum Physics defends that everything vibrates him in the same syntony becomes same, or at least, influenced. Through energy changes the alive beings establish connections and they develop interaction forms that influence as much the emotions as the physical body. Men and bugs living together intimately ends up acquiring habits and personality fellow creatures, and starting from that, they can have the same diseases. 
The intimacy between animals and the human being seems to walk in that direction. We are so linked that we forgot that they are different from us and they have very specific needs. We created them for they be dependent and they end up paying a high price for that. For they have not a rational brain, they don’t understand what happens besides the borders of the apartment where live. Most of the animals feels a great anxiety with the owner’s absence, besides stress generated by the exercise lack, of laser and of social contact. 
The animals observe we the whole time, they learn how to read our emotions and they develop strategies more and more sophisticated for if they communicate with us. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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