January 13, 2012

Top 10 Causes of Back Pain

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Back pain is an experience most people will have at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related incapacity and nonattendance from work.  Lower back pain is any type of pain or distress throughout the back portion of your lower trunk area, extending down to your pelvis. The lower back is also referred to as the lumbar area or lumbar spine this type of back pain may last for a short time or it may be long-lasting, which means lasting more than three months. You may feel a gloomy, irritating pain or a sharp, bursting sting. Some pain can be so intense it may cause you to lie in bed unable to move. Severe lower back pain often resolves with simple self-care methods within a few weeks, but it can become chronic and lead to more serious problems over time.

Below are listed a few common reasons for lower back pain

1)      Lower Back Sprain is the most common reasons for back pain. When the ligaments holding bones together are torn from their attachments you just experience a lower back sprain. This usually happens with quick, unexpected movements. This could transpire at work or in a car accident, or playing a weekend sport without properly warming up.

2)      Spinal Subluxations are caused by stress, accidents, and if these injuries are left untreated this will cause you problems; spinal subluxations are misalignments or loss of normal movement in one of the bones in your back.

3)      Trigger Points can cause blistering pain in areas in your muscles when they are pressed on. You know when you have found one because they are very sensitive to touch.

4)       Arthritis is another of the most common reasons for back pain. The type of arthritis most often seen in the spine is Osteoarthritis, sometimes called Degenerative Joint Disease.

5)      Poor Quality Mattress is blamable for more back pain than you can believe. Sleeping on a firm mattress can do wonders in relieving backaches…

6)      Too much sitting puts excessive strain on the muscles of your back often causing Back Pain. This is a common problem in the United States today with so much time being spent sitting at computers, typing on keyboards, playing video games, driving, etc.

7)      Spinal Stenosis is an age-related disease caused when the openings in the spine where the nerves come out of, become smaller. This often causes pain running down the leg (sciatica), which makes walking difficult.

8)      Osteoporosis It is a deteriorating ailment which deteriorates the bone. It is most common in females over fifty, is another of the common reasons for back pain which affects both men and woman as they become older.

9)      Herniated Discs are common reasons for back pain. Most people who have a herniated disc have suffered with back pain for some time. Wear and tear on the spine can weaken the disc, allowing the jelly-like center of the disc to squirt out.

10)   Pregnancy is one of the reasons for back pain that the majority of pregnant women experience. You could gain 25-50 pounds during pregnancy. Most of the weight gain is in the stomach which causes your weight center to shift forward putting strain on your back.

The primary causes of low back pain can be difficult and are not always obvious. This article is aimed at helping patients understand how physicians evaluate the area of pain distribution in helping to diagnose the source of a patient’s low back pain and determine initial treatment options.

Dr. David Kulla

New York City chiropractor and the owner of Synergy Wellness, a wellness clinic specializing in chiropractic, nutrition and massage.

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March 27, 2011

Psychological pregnancy, a common problem

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nestlingThe psychological pregnancy in dogs is more common than thinks she, happens in more than 50% of female dogs no castrated. Besides the psychological alterations, she causes physical alterations also. 
It happens due to hormonal alterations capable to influence the behavior and the development of mammary tissues. That happens when there is a fall of the hormone progesterone, present in the rut. When the female dog is to give birththe progesterone level falls, what stimulates the production of the prolactin, that acts in the mammary tissue activating the production of milk and causing the maternal behavior. 
It is common the female dogs present the psychological pregnancy after the castration, if accomplished up to 3 months after the beginning of the rut. With the retreat of the ovaries, responsible for the progesterone production, there are interruption of the production of that hormone and liberation of the prolactin. 
The signs of the psychological pregnancy are: the animal scrapes the corners of the house; he protects an area or object; he is anxious or crying and appetite lack. 
To interrupt that behavior it can be used medicines that inhibit the prolactin production. They make to interrupt the production of milk and the maternal behavior quickly. Otherwise, the pregnancy finish in 2 weeks. 
To remove the objects that the animal adopted as nestling during that period can increase the anxiety and to stimulate compulsive behaviors or until turning him aggressive. 
The increase of the mammas is normal and the produced milk ends being absorbed by the organism, but it sometimes happens inflammation of the mammary glands, appearing pits, pain and red skin. Therefore, consulting a veterinarian. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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March 20, 2011

Nestling life

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puppyThe arrival of the nestling is awaits always with a lot of expectation, because a new member of the family will divide the routine of the day by day. 
For that coexistence to work, some basic cares are essential and they should already begin in the first days. 
In first place it should be known that the nestlings are full of energy. They discover the world through the sense of smell. They are curious and they need to take advantage of this phase to explore the atmosphere and to have fun. In this phase they are fragile and vulnerable what demands patience and dedication. 
It is natural that the nestling cry in the first nights. If you don’t want the adult dog to sleep in the bed, don’t leave the nestling to sleep. At the most, put him in a bed beside yours. Another option is to catch a cloth and when you will look for him, scrub that cloth in the mother of the nestling to catch her smell. The night, put the cloth in the bed of the nestling, he will feel safer feeling the mother’s smell. 
Teach the norms of the house early, because the dog will owe accustom to your routine. 
Offer specific food. The portions should be ingested as soon as served. Don’t leave the exposed meal for more than 30 minutes, because it destroys and  becomes a middle of proliferation of bacteria. Habituate the animal to eat when it is served. 
The bath should be made with warm water and specific shampoo. The animal should totally be dry, use a dryer of hair. To avoid the entrance of water in the ears, put cotton inside of them. 
The nestling should make their needs in newspaper leaves or hygienic rug. You should teach him to go in the right place. As soon as wakes up, the nestling will urinate, then take him to the right place and wait. When he urinates, caress him and demonstrate that you liked. With the feces the procedure is the same. Therefore after his meal, the nestling will defecate, for that it takes him until the right place and await, when he defecates, act in the same way, caress him. 
Provide toys for the nestling and don’t motivate aggressive games. After the vaccinations he will be capable to leave in the street. Use leash for walking with him. Don’t leave him free in the street to avoid accidents. 
Don’t leave to the reach of the nestling sharp objects that he can get hurt or to swallow, remove poisonous materials (products of cleaning, plants, etc) of places where he has access. Don’t leave the open street door. 
Consult the veterinarian to know the calendar of vaccines and vermifuge that the nestling needs. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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December 14, 2010

Contamination in the hair: what to do?

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dogDogs and cats frequently walk or they are leaned in places with wet paint or oil. Motor oil and wax are other pollutants common of the hair. 
Most of the derived products of the petroleum is absorbed by the skin, therefore, besides being horrible, the contamination can cause a dangerous intoxication. 
See as helping the animal: 
1 – with the use of rubber gloves put a small amount of solvent in a clean cloth and hold it on the paint so that her mollify and it can be removed. Avoid that the animal whips the area. 
2 – after the paint to be removed, wash the solvent immediately with soap and water. 
3 – other option is the use of flour and vegetable oil, for great polluted areas, but it takes time. Scrub great amount of vegetable oil and later remove with paper towel. Repeat several times until getting to remove the maximum of pollutant. Then the flour can be put to help in the absorption of the substance. 
4 – if the pollutant goes wax or paint latex, put ice, he will do with that the wax or the paint are brittle, could be peeled. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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November 29, 2010

Are your animal allergic?

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dogThe alimentary allergies can affect any dog or cat, but they are not so common. 
The animal usually resists the protein in the food, as milk or meat. The most typical reaction in dogs is an itch dispersing for the body, while the cats develop itches in the area of the face and head. With less frequency, the reaction is vomit or diarrhea. 
In some cases, the animal develops a more serious allergic reaction to the food and edemas appear. The edemas usually appear in 20 to 60 minutes, around the eyes and of the nose. 
If the animal is with a very strong reaction, you will usually notice breathing problems, could take to a breathing stop. It is treated of an emergency and the animal should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. 
The allergic reaction to feed can be controlled easily once discovered and avoided the responsible ingredient by the allergy. 
The process of elimination of foods indicates which of them exactly causes problems. That means to do with that the animal eats a diet that never ate before. After the skin of the animal is normal, increase to the diet the suspicious foods, one of every time to discover which provokes the allergy of them. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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November 15, 2010

Basic techniques of First Aid

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dogWhen we thought about First Aid for domestic animals, we limited ourselves to emergencies, as a running over, or a shock, etc. However, all of the owners of animals come across daily problems, as infections in the ear, cuts in the paws or digestive problems. 
Frequently, you will discover that the techniques of First Aid are useful. Those basic techniques are for hundreds of situations involving dogs and cats. 
And what is more important, in situations really dramatic, they can save the life of your animal. 
The contention of the animal has 3 purposes: it protects the person of being bitten by the animal; it restricts the movements of the animal, impeding that the bruise worsens and it does with that the animal is stopped to be examined and practiced medicine. 
The cardiopulmonary resuscitation combines the artificial breathing with the compression expresses of the heart, what helps to move the blood for the body, when the heart for of beating. 
Whenever the skin breaks up, bacteria or any other strange material, even the hair can contaminate the wound and potentially to cause infection. The bleedind is a mechanism of natural cleaning, that it helps to eliminate the dangerous substance. Don’t clean wounds with abundant bleeding, because that will just do with that they bleed more.  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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October 28, 2010

Were your animal with the head arrested? See what to do

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dogThe dogs, more commonly than the cats, they can be with the head arrested in the strangest places, because a position change ends up turning the too big head for that opening. 
Not always he gets if it loosens alone, then you will have to help him. 
1 – it calms the animal for him to stop of discussing. 
2 – it pushes his body for more close to the object in that it is arrested, like this he won’t be strangled. 
3 – it uses a lubricant to lubricate the hair of the neck and the head’s top. 
4 – carefully, diffuse in the snout of the dog and rotate his head to the side, that will help the head to slide outside, without problems. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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July 23, 2010

Skin treatment with sugar

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The paper of the sugar is not limited to the of energy substrata. 
In the last years, the scientists began to recognize his role in the surface of the cell, discovering his functional value of communication and signalling. These molecules are now beginning to exercise his function as active components, with beneficial effects about the animal health. 
Sugar of the cellular surface are the molecules more used in the recognition among molecules, for interaction and communication. They also play an important part against pathogens microorganisms. 
The control of the microbial proliferation and of the inflammation it is obligatory in a lot of skin diseases. A promising approach in the veterinary dermatology is the use of sugars/carbohydrates similar exogenous to help to control the cutaneous infections and inflammatory diseases. 
In the same way that the microbes interact with you sugar them located correspondents in the epidermic surface, they link to the carbohydrates exogenous administered topically in the quality of “traps”. Without receivers, the microorganisms don’t get to adhere, nor to colonize the skin.

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June 22, 2010

Animals in the work, what do you think about that?

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Some companies have been adopting the posture of allowing animals in the work atmosphere, an effective measure to end with daily stress and to increase the productivity. 
With the conviviality with the animals the day becomes different, leaving the employee calmest, cheerful and mainly patient. 
They are still few the organizations that try to break the formality of the business day by day. The person in contact with the animal, activates a neurotransmitter that to liberate the serotonine, a sedative and soothing substance, improving the humor, state of mind, disposition, besides leaving the person more centered and active. 
The people pass more time in the work than home, for that the atmosphere should be casual. The dog acts in a therapeutic way, becoming a link between the employee and the work atmosphere. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 4, 2010

Doesn’t dog that barks bite?

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dogWho never heard the dictation “Dog that barks it doesn’t bite?” 
Do you think that is true? Not always. The bark can have several meanings, as the animal to be happy when seeing his owner or some person that he likes, to interact with other dogs or animals, fear, aggressiveness… 
The bark is just a sign, that we have to observe the position of the hair to be interpreted, ears, if the animal is or not showing the teeth… 
We didn’t need to be specialist in animal behavior, being just good observers quickly learned how to differentiate the several forms of interacting of the animals. 
Meanwhile caution is good.  

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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