July 16, 2011

Cancer treatment in cats

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cancer in catsCancer is a common disease in cats, just as in other domestic species and in human beings. 
The experience obtained starting from the human medicine has result in the development of treatments in animals and many used medicines were developed for the human beings’ treatment, however some used in dogs and humans are not appropriate for cats. 
Most of the tumors appears starting from the transformation neoplásica of a single stem cell. Initially the tumors grow quickly, but the growth speed decreases as the size increases. 
The growth fraction constitutes the most important factor than it determines the answer of a tumor to the chemotherapy, because most of the medicines is active just against cells in growth and in division. The ideal period to treat a tumor with chemotherapy is in the beginning of her development course, when the load of tumor is low, the time of duplication is short and the growth fraction is high. The cells in rest inside of a tumor they are also essential, because they form a reservoir protected starting from which a tumor can retire. Therefore, those cells determine the definitive result of the treatment. 
Initially, the tumors are composed of a group of cells reasonably homogeneous, but with successive cellular divisions, genetic mutations that check phenotype properties different in the cells daughters. Therefore, the cellular population of a tumor becomes heterogeneous regarding the characteristics biochemical, morphologic and of answer to the drug. 
Some tumors are resistant to the chemotherapy; for instance, many carcinoma and the malignant melanoma. Big tumors and of slow growth they are also, because of the fraction of low growth. The tumor cells, in the same way can acquire resistance through mutation. 
The theoretical objective of any cancer treatment is to reduce the population of tumor cells to zero. It can be used radical chemotherapy if the intention will cure the tumor. However, in veterinary medicine, it has a balance to be reached between effectiveness and toxicity of the treatment. 
The chemotherapy should be reserved for malignant tumors that knowingly answer to the medicines. It is indicated against disseminated diseases or systemic, as lymphoma, myelona, leukemia. The chemotherapy rarely has value as only treatment of solid tumors, as carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, in that case the surgery or radiotherapy would be the first treatment choice. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati   

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May 14, 2011

Origin of the domestic cat

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catThe domestic cats today are an evolutionary adaptation of the African wild cats, what does with that these possess several characteristics in common with the great wild felines, as the habit of walking using their cushions quietly plant, the technical assaults of hunt and them presence of retractable nails. However, crossings among different specimens turned them smaller and less aggressive, assisting like this to the objective of creating an small animal, capable to hunt rodents and to live in the same houses that the men. 
His older one ancestral known it is Miacis, mammal that lived there are about 40 million years and it possessed the habit of walking on the branches of the trees. The evolution of that animal created Dinictis, animal that already possessed most of the present characteristics in the current felines. 

The sub-family Felinae, that contains the domestic cats, appeared there are about 12 million years, expanding the starting from Africa until reaching the lands where now it is Egypt. Besides, they were the Egyptians the first people to adopt the cats as work animals and estimate. 
When the populations stopped being nomadic, the people’s life started to depend substantially of the agriculture. It was on that moment that the cats came to do part of the daily of the human being. For possessing a fort instinct hunter, those animals exercised an important function in the society: to end with the mice that invaded the silos of cereals and other places where the foods were stored. 
However, it didn’t delay so that some animals were transported secretly for other territories, doing with that the cats ended up increasing his inclusion area. When they arrived in old Persia, they also passed to be worshipped. There was the faith that when you mistreated a black cat, you took the risk of being mistreating a spirit friend, especially created to do company to the man during his passage in the Earth. This way, when harming a cat, the man would be reaching himself. 
In the course of time the cats passed to be considered fine animals, winning a good position of the social point of view. They were used besides as accessories in social events for the ladies. In that time the cat began to be modified for exhibitions, beginning like this the creation of pure races, with pedigree. One of the first races created for that purpose was the Persian, that it was known after his introduction in the European continent, accomplished by the Italian traveler Pietro Della Valle. 
The great first exhibition of cats happened in 1871, in London. To leave of that moment, the interest in exposing cats developed inside of standard rights spread for the whole Europe. 
Nowadays, the cats are one of the most popular mascots all over the world, serving the man as a good company animal and they still continue being used by farmers and navigators of several countries, as a cheap middle of controlling the population certain rodents. Due to the fact of his domestication to be relatively recent, when necessary, they easily can convert to the wild life, starting to live in wild atmospheres, where they form small colonies and they hunt together.  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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July 27, 2010

Activities for cats

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cat playingThe cats are less active than the dogs. Some researches calculate that the cats sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day. Who has cat agrees that they like to nap. Even if your cat is sleepy, he needs exercises to maintain healthy and to spend energy. 
The cat with a lot of energy is bored and then to destroy the pieces of furniture, to drop things of the shelves, he searches the can of the garbage. The nestlings walk for the house, they arise and they get off the pieces of furniture, they walk around the table and close to the walls. Some cats need motivation to exercise.  
At the market exists many toys that you stimulate the cat to play. The toys tied to a stick, balls, mice, flashlights, etc. 
The persecution is good other game. It is enough to go behind your kitten until that he begins to run, then pursue him for the house. 
Always leave toys to the disposition of the cat for the house and in the schedule in that you are present plays with him for some minutes, that will stimulate him. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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July 15, 2010

You should have a cat, see because.

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catThe faith that the cat is only to hunt mice was already, see because they are important in our house and our life. 
Your conscience influences other around, it influences material properties, it influences your future and your animal also. 
Of all of the domesticated species, the dog without a doubt it is it that more adapted to the human world and they opened hand of almost all their interests to serve us. If in the beginning that relationship based on the change of favors, with the time we started to look for in them much more than protection or company. Them if they turned indispensable to our good to be. 
Most of the animals feels a great anxiety with the owner’s absence, besides stress generated by the exercise lack, of leisure and of social contact. 
Do you think it is coincidence some animals present the same diseases or problems that their owners? That is sign that the owner is having an energy or thought pattern that he does with that he presents the problem. That energy influences the animal and he start to vibrate in the same frequency, in other words, negatively, and soon it begins to present the same problems that the owner. 
An interesting thing happens with the cats clean our negative energy. 
All of the cats have the power of, daily, to remove the accumulated negative energy in our body. While we slept, they absorb that energy. When they sleep, the body of the cat liberates the negativity that he removed of us. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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May 26, 2010

10 tips to avoid breathing problems in cats

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catIn cats, the infectious breathing disease stays a significant clinical problem, in spite of the disseminated use of vaccination for about 30 years. 
In general, the disease is observed more commonly where cats are contained, such as in gatis or reproduction establishment, particularly in nestlings, because they lose their antibodies of maternal origin. 
To avoid the spread of the breathing viruses in cats, see the clues to proceed: 
1 – to certify that the cats are vaccinated; 
2 – to shelter them individually, unless they come from the same domestic atmosphere; 
3 – to build shelter with solid partitions among the fences; 
4 – disposal the fence so that trought and the sanitary litter is easily accessible, without having to enter in the fence; 
5 – to wash the hands with disinfectant among each visits to the fences; 
6 – to use rubber boots and to step in the foot-bath with disinfectant when entering and to leave the fence; 
7 – to use disposable food trays or to have 2 to alternate, while they are disinfected; 
8 - prepares the food in a central area; 
9 – to put the cats that present signs of breathing disease, or they had breathing disease in a separate section in an extremity of the gatil and to feed them last. 
10 – to maintain the atmosphere with ventilation adapted, low relative humidity and ideal room temperature.  

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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May 24, 2010

Domestic cat – a long history

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catThe domestic cat is very popular as pet. Occupying the top of the alimentary chair is a natural predator of several animals as rodents, birds and geckos. 
The first association with the humans that news is had happened there are about 9500 years, but the domestication is much older. 
They are an evolutionary adaptation of the wild cats. Crossings among different specimens turned them smaller and less aggressive to the humans. The cats were domesticated firstly in Middle East. 
When the populations stopped being nomadic, the people’s life started to depend on the agriculture. The production and storage of cereals, however, it ended for attracting rodents. On that moment the cats started to be part of the daily of the human being. 
Registrations found in Egypt, as engravings and statures of cats, they indicate that the relationship of that animal with the Egyptians dates of at least 5000 years. Their love for the cats was so big that there were laws that prohibited that the cats were exported. 
Nowadays, the cats are animal quite popular, serving the man as a good company animal and they still continue being used by farmers. 
34 races of cats exist.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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March 25, 2010

Destructive behavior of the cats

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Young and adult cats can be very exuberant and playful. However, frequently, game and exploration result in damages or undesired consequences. The complaints more mentioned include to climb curtains and furniture, to destroy objects when arising in shelves and tables and undisciplined game behaviors. 
The problems of the which the proprietors complain are, most of the time, it leaves of the normal games of the repertoire of the cats, but disturbing behaviors for the proprietors. 
In general the complaints are relative to kittens and young cats, with less than two years of age. 
If the cat is destructive when left alone home, a place of safe confinement can be more appropriate, just as a room with food, water, litter tray, several towers to climb and toys. 
The main focus is to provide escape valves adapted for games and explorations, at the same time in that if they turn other unavailable places or no attractions. 
Vet Therapy

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March 9, 2010

Hip dysplasia in cats

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The radiographic characteristics of the hip dysplasia are frequently observed in cats, but they usually constitute accidental discoveries, no associated with claudicação of subsequent member. The disease can produce secondary osteoarthritis. The radiographic characteristics are similar to the one of the dogs; for instance, enlargement of the space to articulate lateral and medial, subluxation of the femoral head, acetabulum shallow and osteocytes development. 

Sometimes, the clinical signs can be serious, including gait with stooping back leg, screams with pain, incapacity of going up stairways, reluctance in defecating, pain and crackling in the articulations coxofemorals. 

The treatment has been including resection of the pectinal muscle and resection of the femoral head. Light cases can answer to animal rest and anti-inflammatories. Alternative treatments as the acupuncture and the physiotherapy also offer good results. 

Vet Therapy

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March 4, 2010

Effective Strategies for Cat Leash Training

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Often it has been seen that whenever a cat owner opens the door, the cat runs out of the home. Probably the cat is just curious to have a look at the outside world. If that is your problem, then you should probably consider cat leash training. Cats are considered to be very stubborn and thus the question is quite obvious, can you leash train a cat? The answer is yes, cats can be trained on leashes. The trick is doing it the right way. Most cats (not all) can be leash trained with patience.

Before deciding whether you want your cat to be leash trained, you need to determine whether it’s even necessary. Does your cat love the outdoors or is it a cat who likes to stay indoors all the time? If all their needs are satisfied within the house, they will seldom leave the house. Considering their feline nature, they have certain hunting instincts in them. These instincts can be satisfied by placing a protected birdfeed or birdbath within view (not reach) of the cat. Also try to place some green grass within their reach, so whenever they need to eat it, it should be freely available to them. If all this doesn’t seem to satisfy your cat, however, leash training might be your best option.

Just as with any type of training, cat leash training will take a considerable amount of time. Do you remember the first time you tried to put a collar on your cat? The cat might have resisted putting it on and after you managed to put it on somehow, the cat would have been busy for hours trying to remove it. You will have a similar experience with the leash, but if your cat is already accustomed to a collar, half of the battle for leash training is won.

Start training your cat for a leash by attaching a leash to your cat’s collar. Do not tighten the leash and keep it slackened, so that the cat gets used to it. Also, do not walk or drag the cat the first time you put the leash on your cat. Let her get used to it. This is the secret of successful cat leash training. Try this method for a few minutes on the first day.

If the cat shows a little bit of uneasiness, distract him by offering his favorite toy or food. Repeat this for several days till the cat gets accustomed to the leash. Once it is comfortable, just keep the leash on for few minutes everyday.

Next, try to walk your cat around the house. Once she gets accustomed to walking with the leash on, try to take her outdoors. Put the leash on for longer times now and walk with it even while it is walking casually. If the cat at this moment is comfortable, then consider your cat trained to walk on a leash. Next time you are going outside, just leash your cat and take it outside with you.

Training your cat to walk on leash can be difficult and the secret to its success lies in the innate nature of cats. A cat needs food, shelter and love, so you have to use these things as tools to leash train your cat. Whenever you are giving any sort of training to your cat, food is the biggest motivator. After food, love takes prominence, which you should use effectively.

Cat Training 

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March 2, 2010

The Rise Of The Hairball

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Cat health care tips to help.

No cat owner wants to have to deal with hairballs, but they are a common problem with cats. They are caused by a build up of fur and lack of brushing. Cats end up swallowing furballs and this is where the problem starts. Once these lodge in the cat’s throat, choking can ensue. This is an unpleasant thing to have to stand by and watch.

Cat health care is all about looking after all aspects of your cat. Look out for a build up of fur. Great advice is to make sure grooming your cat forms a part of your daily routine. Grooming is great and it helps seal the bond between owner and pet. Make sure you do it gently so the animal becomes more relaxed and it will sit in your lap all day as you groom it!

Since some cats out there have very long and thick fur, it is important that you check with the vet if anything specific needs to be done to look after it. Anyone with a Persian cat will know how stunning it is to look at, but the long fur is more likely to make hairballs. You can’t stop the cat from licking itself, as they all do it, which is why hairballs are such a problem. Luckily, dogs don’t suffer with this hairball problem, as they don’t clean themselves by licking the fur. Cats have to lick their fur to keep clean which is why they end up with copious amounts of hair in their throats!

Once the hairball gets into the digestive system, the cat will start trying to cough it up. When the choking starts, the cat’s owner will get a bit nervous about how they are supposed to handle the situation. The cat must finish coughing up the hairball, so keep an eye on it. Look out for any worrying signs and just make sure the cat is okay after coughing the fur up. Luckily, there are some things available to help treat hairballs, so speak to the vet for more information.

Cat Training

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