March 14, 2011

Scottish Terrier, a loyalist companion

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scottish terrierScottish Terrier is original of Scotland. He was used as hunter of rodents in the coal mines of Great Britain. Therefore the hair of the snout are longer, to protect them of bitten of the preys. 
The race conquered admirers more and more for the world. The bravery, loyalty, agility and intelligence are the great prominences of that nice dog, because it gets to be valiant without being aggressive. 
It is always alert and although he is good hunter, he adores games. 
It is very affectionate with their owners, however his patience with other animals is limited and he needs a good adaptation. 
For being a dog full of energy, if you want to have one remember, physical activity is indispensable. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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February 12, 2011

Knowing West Highland White Terrier

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west highland white terrierThe origin of the race West Highland White Terrier is a little controversial, but the theory more it accepts is that they are descending of old Terries of Scotland, especially of Cairn Terrier.  
Some historians still attribute the development to Colonel Edward Donald Malcom that, while it hunted, it would have gotten right for his mistake favorite dog. 
After this accident, the Colonel was very shaky and he began being devoted to the creation of white dogs, for not running the risk of confusing, again, their followers companions with the hunt.  
The mission of the dogs during the hunt was outside the one of to enter in the burrows and to drive away the prey. 
The animals of that race have a cheerful temperament, they are full of energy and they are disposed always for a good game or walk, but it doesn’t confuse that with hyperactivity. They are obedient and used not to have aggressive and destructive, same behaviors being origin hunter’s dogs. 
In the requirement adaptation with others, they need to know from small the other animal, because the hunt instinct is well sharpened. 
They are excellent companions, they adore to be close to the owners and to accompany them for the house and they need exercise, at least twice a day, be through games or walks. 
To maintain the pelage and the hygiene of the animal is recommended shears it every 2 months and bath to each 15 or 20 days. It is important to maintain them brushed. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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