September 30, 2010

Aggression in dogs and cats

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catBy definition, the aggression is a threat or harmful action driven somebody else. Numerous identified functional types exist. They usually relapse in one of two classes: offensive aggression or defensive aggression.   
The offensive aggression is an attempt no provoked of getting some advantage at the expense of somebody else and it includes social domination. Aggression among males, among females and predatory.   
The defensive aggression is exercised by a victim towards other individual, noticed as an abetter or threatens and it includes aggression induced by fear, conflict aggression, defense territorial, protecting, doctor (pain) and maternal.   
• the aggression can be an abnormal answer, given him object of the situation.

• can be influenced by the genetics, experience, or, what is more probable, to be consequence of a combination of both.   
• can be a manifestation of an organic abnormality.   
Factors that contribute to the problem:   
• Lack of appropriate socialization   
• Experience negative, traumatic   
• to be chained   
• No castrated   
• training for aggression   
• aggressive Lineage   
• Any condition that causes pain, discomfort, irritability   
• Any condition that affects the neurological function   
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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September 27, 2010

The adventures of Angel: Packed

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AngelOne more day began and as always a lot of things and places to explore. Although I already makes a long time that I live here, the innovations don’t end… 

Bags, boxes, plants, new things arrive everyday, that is very nice… 
Let me see what have today… a box… I adore boxes. What does have inside it?… Oops. It is a little tight, but with way I get… I entered, I knew that it would get. 

I will scratch her… ah that pleasant… 

Wait for the one there what is happening? Where they are taking me? It is closed, I don’t get to leave… Hi! Anybody there? I am arrested… here, inside of the box… somebody answers… 

Whew! Did I get to open her, but is where? Here it is not my house. Where I was taken? Will it be that we moved again? It is not possible… 

- Hey! You there, where am I? 
- Hey buddy,are you lost? 
- I don’t know, was I home and now I am here… what place is that? 
- Here it is the bus station. 
- What is a bus station? 
- It is the place the where the people go and come and always surplus a lot of food. 
- Do you live here? 
- Bddy, you don’t know about anything. We lived in the streets and where has food we are. 
- Food would be good, I am hungry. Which cat food do you eat? 
- Did you go mad? We will turn the garbage and see what has. Which is your name? 
- Angel. And yours?  
- I´m Rizo. 
- I think I cannot eat that, Rizo. 
- There buddy, we have to leave. The dogs are coming. 
- Hey! Wait there, as I do to go home? 
- Run…

I ran more than was able to, but I didn’t go very far, I am not used to such intense exercises. Were my legs arrested, didn’t I get to stretch out them completely… there my God the dog is approaching… is he going to catch me, my heart is shot and don’t I get more to run, what will belong to me? 
I need to stop…  

- No, please, gentleman dog, don’t eat me, please… please… please… 

Where am I? What did happen? Will it be that I died? That tight little place! Oops, I am again inside of that box, but, wait there, I am home! Eh,eh, eh… I was sleeping, it was everything a dream…

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati  

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September 23, 2010

Ski stuck in a spin and so clean

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But nothing could compete with the sad and sorry soaking that Burmese kitten Suki suffered after being trapped through a full-wash cycle in her family´s front-loading machine.

The seven-month-old kitten was soaked, washed, rinsed and then spun dry after apparently stretching out for a cat nap on a full load of dirty linen.

The first that owner Liz Fear knew of the cleaning catastrophe was when she reached in to pull washed clothing from the big machine to find a piece of satureded fluff that looked like the fur-ball normally left in the lint filter.


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September 20, 2010

Renal insuficiency in animals

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dogThe renal insuficiency can be acute, it is characterized by the sudden beginning with abrupt fall of the filtration in the kidneys, accumulation of uremic toxin and disregulation of having flowed, electrolytes and of the acid-basic swinging or chronicle that it is resulting from a primary renal disease that persists during months or years; characterized by irreversible renal dysfunction that tends deteriorating progressively during months or years. 

The clinical signs are: sudden beginning of anorexia, apathy, vomit, diarrhea, halitosis, ataxia, oliguria, anuria or polyuria, weight loss. 

In the acute renal insuficiency  the corporal condition and of the hair they are normal, depression, dehydration, oral ulceration, glossite, necrosis in the language, breath urêmico, hypothermia, fever, tachypnea, bradycardia, urinary vesicle no tangible and kidneys firm, aching and increased. 

In the chronic renal inadequacy the kidneys are small and irregular or (increased secondary the disease renal polycystic or lymphoma), dehydration, cachxy, paleness of mucous membranes, oral ulceration, breath with uremic smell, constipation, renal osteodistrophy.

The causes can be many: collide, evil hypertension, heart inadequacy, anti-inflammatories no-esteroidais, agents chemotherapy, snake poison or insect, leptospirosis, hepatic inadequacy, etc. 

The treatment is of the patient’s support, diet with reduced tenors of protein, match and sodium, hemodialyse, transplant of stem cells.

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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September 17, 2010

The acupuncture in the sport

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dog acupuncture

With the growing use of horses and dogs in the sport, there is also a crescent interests as for the complemental and alternative therapies in the veterinary medical aid.  
The use of the acupuncture for the treatment of current lesions of sport, as pain or muscular distention, sprains articulate, tendon sprain or of the ligament or bone lesions, it can minimize the time “stopped” for the recovery and the use of anti-inflammatory. 
It is common that the current evident lesions of sports result of a chain of events. What is the main complaint and the symptom presented in the moment of the consultation to the veterinarian is not necessarily the fact or the problem that it began the sequence of events. 
The use of a symptomatic treatment can propitiate gets better just temporary, having appeal of the primary complaint or the appearance of new complaints. 
 An interaction between the Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Veterinary Medicine can give subsidies for an including treatment. 
The secret to solve any problem is to deduce and to correct the source, just not to relieve the symptom.  
MTC doesn’t worry about specific agents of disease or of lesion, as it happens with the Tradicional Medicine. Instead of that, the unbalanced interactions with the influences environmental, so much interns as externs, the causes of the disease are considered. The same can be said on the influences of the diseases in the current lesions of sport, because many of them are resulting of cumulative tensions in the weak tissues and in the immunological functions. 
We sometimes noticed problems in some organs (deficiency or excess of energy in the meridians) and those alterations can be caused by the internal factors.   
Vet Therapy – Dra. Cynara Campanati

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September 14, 2010

The laser in the treatment of tendon problems

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therapeutic laser

The treatment of tendon problems with Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emisison of Radiotion) has been reaching great results in short space of time. 
The therapeutic laser emits, at the most, 1 mW of energy, therefore, their effects are biomodulate and no thermal. 
The laser increases: 
* the sanguine circulation, 
* activity of the lymphatic system, 
* synthesis of DNA and RNA, 
* amount of fibroblast, 

* levels of oxide nítric 
and it decreases: 
* speed of transport of the sensorial nerve, 
* it reduces the excitability of the receivers of the pain, 
* it stimulates the production of collagen, 
* it stimulates the phagocytosis, 
* it stimulates the liberation of ATP, 
* it stimulates the osteoblast. 
The tendons almost consist that entirely in bunches of collagen in regular arrangement and they possess great tensive force. 
As the laser stimulates the production of collagen, has anti-inflammatory action and it acts in the pain. The reached results have been satisfactory and fast. The lesions in the tendons close, therefore collagen is produced filling out the lesion. 
In big lesions, it can be used the technique of transplant of stem cells and the laser sections. It has been obtaining results in 1 month of treatment. 
Vet Therapy – Dra. Cynara Campanati

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September 3, 2010

Say no to the tests in animals

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testes em animaisSome companies use dogs, cats, monkeys, mice… to test their products before putting them in the market. 

The animals are forced to ingest and to inhale chemical products; they are flung against concrete walls; it is made application of products in their eyes; they have their extracted gums and their pulled teeth; they are submitted to the radiation of biological chemical weapons; they have their pulled hair and his skin removed for application of products; they are exposed to poisonous gases and shot in the head and they are still dissected alive. 

Exists efficient alternatives that substitute the tests in animals. 

Companies that don’t make tests in animals, try to use the products of those companies:

Abelha Rainha, Adcos, Afro Nature, Ag Fragrâncias, Água de Cheiro, Akla, Allumé/Sunshine, All Vida, Amend, Anaconda, Anantha, Antídoto, Atelier do Banho, Atol, Avora, Bio Extratus, Bio Manthus, Bionatus, Búfalo, Buonavita, Bonyplus, Cadiveu, Cassiopéia, Class, Clorofitum, Coferly, Condor, Contem 1g, Contente, Copra, Cosmética, Cosinter, Davene, Driss, Dr. Tozzi, Ecologie, Éh Cosméticos, Embelleze, Esthetic, Extrato da Amazônia/Natuphitus, Extratophlora, Farmaervas, Florestas, Fri Dog, Gotas Verdes, Granado, Guabi, Impala, Koloss, Korai, Lavalma, L´aqua di Fiori, Leite de Rosas, Ludovig, Mahogany, Master Line, Max Love, Nasha, Natura, Natustrato, Nazca, Niasi, O Boticário, OX, Prolev, Rahda, Racco, Reserva Folio, Sabão Mauá, Sensória, Shizen, Surya Henna, Terractiva, Unisoap, Valmari, Vita-a, Vita Derm, Vitalabor, Yamá, Ypê, Weleda do Brasil, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ahava, American Safety Razor, Amitée, Amway, Avalon Natural Products, Avon, Carlson Laboratories, Chanel, Clarins of Paris, Clinique Labs, Ecover, Estée Lauder, Herbalife, L´anza, Lush, M.A.C., Norelco, Payot, Revlon, St. Ives, The Body Shop, Victoria Secrets.

If those companies don’t use animals for tests, why the another need to use?    

If you are also against the cruelty against animals, can you help, how? It is simple: 

1 – say no to the products tested in animals 
2 – become aware the people not to use products tested in animals 
3 - motivate to the adoption of substitutive methods 
4 - denounces, mistreatments to the animals are crime 
5 - publishe this Post so that other people have access the that information  

Source: PEA 

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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