August 26, 2010

Cares with the animal with the dry weather

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dog with maskThe dry weather requests cares with the health. As well as the human beings, the animals also suffer and they get sick with the dry weather. 
When the humidity of the air is low problems respiratory, allergic, of skin, diseases transmitted by the air appear and some cares are necessary: 
1 - don’t leave for later the vaccination of the animal 
2 - always offers water cleans and breeze 
3 – it maintains the domestic hygiene 
4 - wet towels or bucket with water to improve the humidity of the atmosphere 
5 – avoid physical activities of the 10:00 am to the 5:00 pm  
6 - avoid baths with very hot water 
In case the animal presents some sign that it is not well seeks a veterinarian quickly. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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August 23, 2010

Chromotherapy for animals

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chromotherapy_animalsThe chromotherapy is the practice of the use of the colors in the cure of the diseases. It has been used by the man from the old civilizations, like old Egypt, India, Greece and China with the objective of harmonizing the body, acting from the physical level to the subtlest. 
The followers of the chromotherapy understand that each color possesses a specific vibration and a therapeutic capacity, it produces chemical changes in a subtle way interfering in the metabolism wants in level physical or emotional. 
The chromotherapy brings benefits to the bearers of any dysfunction, beginning by relieving the pains and finally for the patients’ recovery in most of the diseases. 
The main chromatic spectrum was classified in the following way: hot (red, orange, yellow and their tones), cold (blue, indigo, violet and their tones) and bivalent (green and their tones). 
Problems can be treated as: apathy, depression, anxiety, nervousness, dermatitises, pain, inflammation, infection, fractures, muscular problems… 
Vet Therapy – Dra. Cynara Campanati

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August 17, 2010

Doga: good for you, good for your dog

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dogaDid you already hear to speak in Doga? 
A lot similar to traditional Yoga, the movements of Doga imitate the one of the human practice (with the exception of the member flexibility). With a series of extensions, elevations and massage, the owners work with the bodies of the dog in a symbiotic exercise. 
The people are seeking healthy and entertaining activities to practice with their dogs. The dog to pass to acquire their owners’ energy, but that is not the only benefit. 
The action of caressing, to play the animal allows to the owner to feel the whole body of him and like this to notice any abnormality. The continuous manipulation also help the animal getting used to with the human touch, that can be useful in a veterinary consultation. 
It is an entertaining way to understand something on the philosophy of Yoga, that means union. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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August 14, 2010

Does your animal really need surgery?

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dog-playing-ballIf you went to the doctor and him told you that you would have to do a surgery, even before trying other treatments less invasive and aggressive, what would you make? 
1 - already mark the surgery, without trying other treatments? 
2 - see other doctors to hear one second, third or up to fourth opinion? 
3 - make other exams? 
4 - see some alternative treatment and then, only if it didn’t have result, there yes it would leave for a surgical procedure? 
If it went a survey, I am sure that the number 1 would be in last. If the people act like this in their lives and of their relatives, why with their animals are the attitudes different? 
Many professionals have been submitting animals to unnecessary surgical procedures, be for which reason goes, that doesn’t matter, but some animals have been suffering a lot with that attitude. The risk of an anesthesia, the physical and emotional suffering of a postoperative one and the worst, not always the problem is solved and in some cases until worsened. 
What to do then when the professional says that the animal needs a surgical procedure? 
Simple. Be put in the place of your animal. If it had the same possession that him and did his doctor indicate him the surgery the one what you would do?  

You can be sure that taking that attitude, you and your animal will receive the best treatment and later there won’t be regrets. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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August 10, 2010

Pain treatment in animals

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Does your animal suffer with pain in the backs, did it suffer a dislocation, does it fracture or does accident, have muscular pain…? 
A lot of times the animal presents lameness in some member, muscular pains, etc, but actually it can just be a reflex of some problem in the column. 

The magnetotherapy is an applied therapy for the alternative medicine based in the influence of the static magnetic fields on the body, being capable to treat several diseases indeed. 
The Earth, as an immense magnetic block, floating in the space captures and it emanates magnetic waves that influence the alive beings. The magnetism of the Earth is essential because it helps to conserve in an effective way the health. 
The lack of magnetic fields carts: rigidity in the shoulders, backs and nape; pain and weight in the head; insomnia; fatigue and weakness; nervousness, etc. 
The application of the magnetotherapy favors the cellular polarization; accelerates the repairing of tissues and the growth; regulates the nervous system; it is anti-inflammatory, used for pain treatment, repairing of fractures and treatments of wounds, etc.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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August 2, 2010

5 domestic items that can make to the animal badly

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Many dangers exist at house can hurt the animal. The curiosity and the exploration sense can do with that they ingest poisonous products: 
1 – medicines – as much human as veterinarian, when ingested and in great amount they can take the death the animal. 
2 – human food – some foods are poisonous for the animals.  
3 – plants – many of the plants that it is had home are poisonous.  
4 – rodenticides and insecticides – highly poisonous and they can take to death quickly. 
5 – products of cleaning – many of those products are poisonous, so much for the animals as for the human beings. To avoid accidents keep them out of the reach and very well covered. 
Vet Therapy-Cynara Campanati

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