June 30, 2010

Puppy or adult dog food?

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puppyThis is one of the most common questions that I get from puppy owners. There is a lot of conflicting information out there that makes it very hard for pet owners to know which guidelines to trust. Making the transition from puppy to adult food at an appropriate time is important because there is a major shift in regards to the caloric needs and nutrition requirements of your puppy as she approaches maturity. Puppy food is very high in calories and nutritional supplements, so feeding it too long to a mature dog can result in obesity and orthopedic problems.

In general, you want to make the change to adult food when your puppy is approaching her adult height. The problem is that different breeds mature at different rates due to the wide range of variation between breeds. A rule of thumb to remember is that smaller breeds tend to mature faster than large breeds. Small breed dogs up to 30 pounds mature around 10 to 12 months of age keeping in mind that some toy breeds can mature even earlier. Medium breed dogs up to 80 pounds mature between 12 to 16 months and your Basset hound falls in this category. Large and giant breed dogs weighing more than 80 pounds can take up to two years to reach full maturity.

One final tip for puppy owners about changing food is to do it gradually. Mix in increasing amounts of the adult food with the puppy food over the course of a week while decreasing the amount of puppy food. By the end of the week you should only be feeding the adult food. Making the change gradual makes it less likely that your dog will experience loose stools and upset stomachs.

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June 25, 2010

Animals aid in the people’s treatment

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therapy assisted by animalThe human beings live together with animals there are thousands of years and they are maintained by the man due to the most varied reasons. For his time man-animal therapeutic relationship is also old preceding the own history. Written old and myths of Rome talk about the power of the divine cure through sacred dogs. 
Now it is known that the animals act as agents promoters of health and well to be, they contribute to facilitate and to do pleasant the life, besides developing the human potential of generosity, sociability and compassion. 
Several authors affirm that the interaction with the animals can qualify the man in the improvement of the life quality, socialization, education, health and besides in the reduction of the stress levels and aggressiveness. 
Did you already hear to speak of therapy attended by animals and of the benefits that she can bring? The therapy with animals has the purpose of reaching the therapeutic objectives of each patient one, using the animal as co-therapist in the process, facilitating the socialization and motivating the patient to accomplish the treatment in a casual way and many entertaining times. The objective of promoting improvement of the human patients’ function physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive. 
The benefits of healthy AAT: to promote relaxation and recreation; to reduce the solitude and the anxiety; to increase the self-esteem, communication capacity and pleasure in living; to motivate the group activities and the communication among the people; to stimulate the physical exercises and healthy habits; to reduce heart problems; to develop new learnings, experiences and affectivity; to overcome deficiencies; to improve deficit of attention, concentration, hiperatividade, memory and reasoning; to reduce the index of use of medicines. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati 

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June 22, 2010

Animals in the work, what do you think about that?

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Some companies have been adopting the posture of allowing animals in the work atmosphere, an effective measure to end with daily stress and to increase the productivity. 
With the conviviality with the animals the day becomes different, leaving the employee calmest, cheerful and mainly patient. 
They are still few the organizations that try to break the formality of the business day by day. The person in contact with the animal, activates a neurotransmitter that to liberate the serotonine, a sedative and soothing substance, improving the humor, state of mind, disposition, besides leaving the person more centered and active. 
The people pass more time in the work than home, for that the atmosphere should be casual. The dog acts in a therapeutic way, becoming a link between the employee and the work atmosphere. 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 16, 2010

Dogs X Fireworkses – what to do?

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dogThe cup already began and yesterday it was the game of the selection of Brazil. As always it is the fans’ habit to play cornets and they loosen fireworkses. The problem is that the animals are afraid of the excessive noise. 
And what to do to dribble the fear of the animals? 
1 – if the animal hides below of the bed or of some other piece of furniture he leaves him there; 
2 - doesn’t make affection or diffuse in the lap the animal after him to shake of fear. That will do with that he continues to have fear of noise (it reinforces bad behaviors); 
3 – it tries to distract him with games that he likes and whenever him plays and to forget of the fear a tidbit can be given; 
4 – they can be administered natural sedatives (as the ones that they are the passion fruit base, among other); 
5 – stronger medicines can only be administered with medical prescription. 
Being those carefuls good game!  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 14, 2010

How to take care of dogs and cats in the winter

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dog with clothesThe winter nor it arrived, but the temperatures already begin to fall. In that time of the year, as well as the humans, the animals also suffer with the cold, and for them to be well, some cares are necessary. 
With the low temperatures, no animal should sleep to the dew and most should be well sheltered. It is not advised to cut the hair. 
In the cold, the animals are prone have breathing diseases and, for that, to avoid to leave with them of house in the coldest days. To provide bed, blanket and clothes for him to sleep. 
For the baths to seek of the days with sun and hotter and the hair should be very dry, because the humidity can provoke several diseases. 
The vaccine is another important point, they should be given inside of the right period, because with the low temperatures and in some places the time dries the spread of diseases increases. 
If the animal has problems bone, muscular and/or articulate, the physiotherapy and the acupuncture will help him to face the cold without pains. Some pets that have column problem arrive to lose the movements of the members. Then to prevent is the best medicine.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 11, 2010

The communication of the animals

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dogThe capacity of the human language is the main line that it distinguishes us of other beings of the animal kingdom. 
In that sense, researchers believe that one day the animals will acquire our communication form, especially, the language, however they are unanimous when telling the a lot of peculiarities that should be acquired for such, because the animals possess anatomical limitations that impede them of the type of human communication. 
In spite of those limitations, however, resulted advindos of studies about animal communication have been surprising the academic community more and more when showing that the communication processes among them are extremely sophisticated tends, a lot of times, an incredible similarity with the forms of human communication. 
Each animal communicates with others of yours or of other species through mechanisms that are characteristic inside of their respective groups. 
It is unquestionable the capacity that the animals have to know each one of these gestures, odors or sounds very well and of differentiating them some of the other ones, knowing their exact meanings. 
In that context, it is known that the communication among the animals can be visual, tátil, chemistry and resonant. 
Some animals use in those communication ways for his own identification, to attract females, to flee or to drive away predators or, even, to establish social hierarchies or to demarcate territories.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 7, 2010

Why do the animals get sick?

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acupunctureDo you know? How can with what do our animals we have a long and healthy life? That is possible! 
How many times you saw an abandoned animal and when examining him, nor tartars in the teeth he had and you thought “My animal eats the best food of the market, it is still young and it is with the yellowish teeth and full of tartar.” 
The one that happens is that the animal in the nature has larger physical resistance than an animal servant in the best house of the world because he possesses environmental resistance for his exhibition, while the second, created by the human being, it doesn’t develop natural resistance once it is arrested to the alimentary rules and imposed conditionings. 
What is disease? For the Medicine Traditional Chinese, disease is the energy unbalance of the body, the unbalance between Yin and Yang. The all moment our energies and the one of the animals is if balancing and unbalance. But when we have external interferences (environment) and/or intern (anxiety, fear…) frequent, the organism has difficulty in balancing and that unbalance continuity causes the disease. 
Medicines treat the symptoms, but if the same unbalance pattern continues the problem returns and a lot of times worsened or other problems of health can appear. 
You can prevent the diseases! Do you know how? 
Through the acupuncture. She acts in the energy points of the organism, doing with that the energy usually flows correctly in all of the organs and visceras, bringing the balance and with that avoiding that the disease settles and/or it progresses increasing the resistance and health of the animal. 
With just a monthly section (when the animal is well) it is possible to maintain the energy balance. In case the animal is presenting some problem or disease and be in treatment, the number of sections varies in agreement with the treatment to be accomplished. 
The animal needs much more than vaccinate, food and weekly baths. 
Do you want to spend less with medicines and to have a happy and healthy animal? Invest in acupuncture.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 4, 2010

Doesn’t dog that barks bite?

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dogWho never heard the dictation “Dog that barks it doesn’t bite?” 
Do you think that is true? Not always. The bark can have several meanings, as the animal to be happy when seeing his owner or some person that he likes, to interact with other dogs or animals, fear, aggressiveness… 
The bark is just a sign, that we have to observe the position of the hair to be interpreted, ears, if the animal is or not showing the teeth… 
We didn’t need to be specialist in animal behavior, being just good observers quickly learned how to differentiate the several forms of interacting of the animals. 
Meanwhile caution is good.  

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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June 2, 2010

Microchip: why to use?

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Lost animals get sick, they suffer mistreatments, they take risks of accidents and of life. 
The electronic identification is the most effective form and it holds of registering the responsible proprietor for the animal, in a definitive way. The microchip never gets lost, to the opposite, he is everything that your animal needs to return quickly home. Besides, putting microchip in your pet, you will be preserving their rights and well-being, because the electronic identification has if turning obligatory all over the world.  
The veterinary doctor, with a single click, makes the application of the microchip, it is fast, easy and painless. 
If the animal be found in the street, the reader will identify the number of the animal and all his data. She also can to store data as vaccines, vermifuge and the whole medical report.  

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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