April 30, 2010

Take care with immobile patients

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Injured animals are often unable to move or change position within their cage. Alternating right, sternal, and left lateral recumbency every 4 hours is recommended for immobile patients. Frequent repositioning helps prevent atelectasis and pooling of secretions in dependent lung segments. Because position influences the distribution of blood flow to the lungs, changing body positions alters ventilation/perfusion relationships within the lungs.

When a patient is positioned with the compromised lung segment in a dependent position, that lung receives increased blood flow, resulting in increased ventilation/perfusion mismatch and impaired contusions or pneumonia are present, positioning the patient with the good lung down improves oxygenation by limiting ventilation/perfusion mismatch and improving gas exchange.

Frequent position changes in conjunction with comfortable bedding also help reduce the risk os pressure sores, edematous limbs, and muscle and joint stiffness. Repositioning is a simple physical rehabilitation techinique that should be employed in all immobile patients.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 28, 2010

Trauma in animals

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briga de cãesMajor traumatic insults may result in various head and spinal lesions, depending on the anatomical location. A thorough history usually documents the type of trauma the patient has sustained, although the cause is sometimes unknown or sumised by concurrent findings if the accident is not witnessed.

Automobile accidentes, gunshot wounds, falls, and dog-fight injuries are common. Spinal injuries may consist of vertebral subluxation or luxation, vertebral fracture, vertebral fracture/luxation, or trauma induced intervertebral disk herniation.

As with any trauma patient, full assessment of all body systems is essential to diagnose and treat shock and any other life-threatening or concurrent injuries. Following or concurrently with a complete patient assessment, a neurologic examination is performed to localize the injury and to determine the severity of the deficits. It is vital that the examination be carefully performed, minimizing movement of the patient to avoid further damage to the spinal cord as a result of instability of the spinal column.

The decision to treat the patient is based on the severity of the neurologic deficits, the type of vertebral injury, the severity of any concurrent injuries, and the owner´s understanding of the risk, prognosis, and expense of the injury and treatment.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 26, 2010

Cervical disk disease

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Cervical disk disease commonly affects small, middle-age to older chondrodystrophic breeds and is usually classified as a type I extrusion. Beagles, Dachshunds, Pekingese, and Poodles tend to be overrepresented. The C2-C3 disk space is most commonly affected, with the frequency decreasing at progressively more caudal disk spaces.

Cervical disk disease in large-breed dogs is usually associated with type II protrusion of the caudal disks and is often secondary to cervical spondylomyelopathy. Breeds commonly affected are Doberman and Great Danes.

Neck pain is the most common and often the only sign of cervical disk disease. This is manifested as low head carriage, stiffness or decreased motion of the neck, vocalizing, and spasms of the neck muscles. Some dogs exhibit lameness of one or both thoracic limbs, due to nerve root or spinal nerve compression.

In severe cases, there may be ataxia, conscious proprioceptive deficits, weakness, or rarely, paralysis of all limbs.

Other causes of neck pain include trauma, neoplasia, meningitis, discospondylitis, cervical spondylomyelopathy, and atlantoaxial instability.

Diagnosis is based on the clinical features, neurological examination, spinal radiography, myelography, and advanced imaging techniques, including computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis is helpful in identifying or ruling out meningitis.

Treatment options include surgery and nonsurgical therapy (antiinflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and acupuncture), with the decision based on the duration and severity of clinical signs.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 23, 2010

Relationship between dog food and dog health

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chow chowWhile there are many ways to show our love for our dogs, nothing is more extraordinary than taking care of their health and well-being. In doing so, we have to be mindful of the food that they eat. In doing so, we have to be mindful of the food that they eat. As responsible dog owners, it is our foremost responsibility to make sure that our dogs avail the right nutrition and all the essential nutrients that they need for their growth and development. Furthermore, we should also be certain that these foods are safe to eat and palatable enough to entice the appetites of our dogs.

We always want what is the best for our dogs.In the case of finding the best pet food available in the market, the task is simple though it also requires enough knowledge. As dog owners, we should invest a considerable amount of effort in educating ourselves in the qualities that we should look for in a dog food. In this way, we can be sure that our dogs can get the best nutrition and nourishment they can possibly have. There are many available pet foods in the market and online, although, we have to be waned that some of them are not good for our dogs.There had been reported cases of proliferation of low grade pet foods which are usually cheaper than high grade dog products. These low quality pet foods often make false claims on their nutritional value and nutrient content which makes them more attractive than higher priced brands of dog foods.

However, these pet foods can pose side effects which can further lead to serious conditions and dog heath problems. It has now become more apparent that in finding the best dog products for our dogs, we have to give more importance to the quality over the price. The price of the food for our dogs should never be an issue if we want to give them the best. Quality foods for our dogs can guarantee us with the necessary amount of nutrition and all the essential nutrients that can address the health and dietary requirements of our dogs. These quality dog products are usually manufactured by well-known pet food makers.

One of the most noted manufacturers of pet foods is Honest Kitchen. The company has been supplying high grade pet foods including foods for the dog for many years. Honest Kitchen specializes in the manufacture of premium natural dog food. The company utilizes human-grade ingredients and production techniques which sets their products apart from other brands available in the market.

The company’s pet food products are made using natural ingredients which make them more nutritious than other brands and types of dog products.Among the common ingredients used in their pet food products are vegetables, fruits, meat and egg. The company uses a natural dehydration technique to make sure that all the essential nutrients of the ingredients will not be lost. Since these pet foods are made from natural ingredients, they do not contain any form of preservatives and other harmful chemicals that can harm our dogs.

As responsible dog owners, we must invest a conscious effort in educating ourselves in finding the best dog food for our dogs. These dog products are available in variety in the market and it is our responsibility to provide our dogs with the best food that can provide the needed nutritional values and essential nutrients for them. One of the most noted manufacturers of quality pet foods including foods for the dog is Honest Kitchen. We must invest a conscious effort in educating ourselves in finding the best dog food for our dogs. Finding the best dog products available in the market is one of our main responsibilities as dog owners. As dog owners, we should only purchase quality dog products that can provide the needed nutritional values and essential nutrients for our dogs. One of the most noted manufacturers of quality pet foods is Honest Kitchen. Finding the best dog food available in the market is one of our primary duties as dog owners. These dog products are available in variety in the market. As dog owners, we should only purchase quality dog products that can provide the needed nutritional values and essential nutrients for our dogs. One of the most noted manufacturers of quality pet foods is Honest Ktichen.

- Melinda Smith

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April 21, 2010

To sweet dog life

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dogThey have plan of health, even sideboards for birthday parties. Besides the brand clothes… 
The expression necessary dog life to be reviewed. It is already going far the time in that the animal slept at a romantic dog cottage done of boards. Now, Pet Architecture exists, that reforms the owner’s house so that she adapts to the mascot. Done clothes buy in the pet shop of the corner? Nor to think. Name brands throw special products for the hairy ones, with prices that can arrive to U$ 1.200 for a leather coat (as the one of the picture to the side). If, in spite of that everything, the dog be still stressed, he can make an bath session with relaxing salts and to leave with a beautiful smile-perfect, because of an orthodontic apparel canine. 
That everything is part of the process of “humanization” of the dogs and of his elevation to the protagonists’ of a consumption wave position that already turned Brazil the second largest market pet of the world, in agreement with the American Association of Manufacturers of Produtos Pet. With US$ 9 billion busy a year, it just loses to the United States. 
With that, the country is white of a wave of releases of products and unusual services for dogs. The parade of usefulness-and trivialities-it is immense. And it includes a literal parade. São Paulo will base on this month Pet Fashion Week, that works in the same molds of the weeks of humans’ fashion. Animals arise in the catwalk, with models, and they show the innovations. 
To please the best friend it is worth everything. Even reforming the own house only for him to be well. The architect Ana Flávia Ciuffo threw Pet Architecture, that promotes reforms in pet shops or in the owner’s property to improve the atmosphere for the dog. Until the lamps they are changed. “The temperature of the dogs is higher than ours, then you have to use colder lamps”, she says.  
The Brazilian treats his estimate bug as if it was of the family. A research of the National Union of the Industry of Products for Animal Health showed that 23% of the owners of dogs allow the animal to sleep at their rooms. The exaggeration can make to the bug badly. 

by G1 

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April 19, 2010

Working with behavior problems

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The handling is important for any problem of behavior. He is to supply safety and/or to stop the escalade of the behavior while he works him in a program of behavior modification. 
A lot of times the potential exists for production of wounds. Aggressive pet can hurt the targets through bitten and scratches. 
In cases of anxiety or of upset compulsive obsessor, the animal can inflict wounds to himself. The proprietors owe if it involves in procedures to protect the safety of the other ones and of the animal. Appropriate contention is always indicated. The contention level can vary in each case, but at least it should include to surround the property in a safe way or to maintain him arrested to a leash when it be not confined at the house. 
When the animal wraps up in the undesirable behavior, usually compensation, reinforcement, exists for him. When a dog barks in an aggressive way for a person that goes by the house, her departure rewards the aggressive demonstration. When a dog urinates in the rug, the immediate relief of the empty bladder does with that he feels more confortable. 
How to do for not reinforcing the behavior problem: 
1 - identifies and avoid deflagrates for the undesired behavior. 
2 - resist the undesirable behavior with aggression or punishment (they tend to worsen the problem). 
3 - doesn’t resist the undesirable behavior comforting the animal. 
4 - reacts in a calm way of having controlled to the undesirable behavior.  
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 15, 2010

Massage: therapeutic effects

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massagem em cãesMassage is generally enjoyed by small animal patients and helps to relieve distress, anxiety, and discomfort. There are many postulated effects of massage. Unfortunately, many of these have not been substantiated by systematic scientific investigations.

Stroking young animals results in a reduction in the animal´s physiologic response to stress. Young animals that are handled also show greater development of the cortex and the subcortex of the brain. They learn faster and have a more advanced stage of neural development than nonhandled animals.

Resistance to infection later in life may also be beneficially influenced by cutaneous stimulation experienced by the infant animal.

If a hand is placed over the surface of a  dog´s skin, heat is felt between the two surfaces. Heat is a form of energy, and some schools of massage, use the energy field that exists around the body.

Massage may add an external stimulus to sensory organs and either increases muscle tone by stimulation or reduces it, probably by facillitating an accommodation of the spindle, causing it to reset at a lower treshold of excitability.

It is believed that the circulatory effect of massage  will reduce muscle sorennes and thus aid clinical signs associated with muscle injury or post exercise recovery.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 14, 2010

Precautions to aquatic therapy

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Some dogs fear water or are reluctant to swim, and this must be considered before attempting treatment. If a dog panics, the dog and handler could be placed in a potentially dangerous trashing. The handler may be injured trying to restrain a panicked dog, or may also risk attack by the animal.

Questioning the owner regarding a dog´s history of swimming is critical, in addition to prudent safety and handling techniques. If possible, dogs that will be receiving aquatic therapy following nonemergency surgical procedures should be introduced to aquatic therapy before surgery. This allows for evaluation of the dog´s disposition toward swimming and will also allow the dog to be introduced to the therapy received postoperatively.

Preoperative evaluation is not possible for some traumatic infjuries, such as fractures. When receiving aquatic therapy, dogs should never be left unattended in the water.

A safe recommendation is to wait until after suture removal if there are no wound complications, including discharg from the incision, gapping of the wound edges, or any evidence of infection.

The cardiovascular fitness of the dog must be considered because many dogs are initially unable to swim more than a few minutes before fatiguing.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 13, 2010

Therapeutic exercises

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Therapeutic exercise is perhaps one of the most valuable modalities used in canine physical rehabilitation. Some of the common goals of therapeutic exercise are to improve active pain-free range of motion, muscle mass and muscle strength, balance, performance with daily function, and aerobic capacity; to help prevent further injury; and to reduce weight and lameness.

Common activities include standing exercises, controlled leash activities, stair climbing, treadmill activity, wheelbarrowing (for forelimb activity) and dancing (for rear limb activity). Other activities include jogging, sit to stand exercises, pulling or carrying weights, walking and trotting across cavaletti rails, playing ball, taping a bottle or syringe cap to the bottom of an unaffected foot to encourage weight-bearing, slinging the contralateral good limb, and using balance balls or rolls.

Therapeutic exercise is an important method to assist an animal´s return to the best function possible. In addition, the equipament needes is relatively inexpensive, and similar principles apply to a variety of individuals and conditions.

Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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April 12, 2010

Problems in trips with dogs and cats

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cão no vidro do carroThe expectations of animals travel with their owners, so much to a close place, as for distant destinies, they are growing, as it is evidenced by hotels that admit pet and for activities for them in the destiny place. 
Conditions that turn those displacements difficult or dangerous for the animal or for the proprietor they need to receive attention. 
Concerns on trips with pet relapse on three categories: nausea movement, uncontrollable behaviors and related behaviors the anxiety. 
The safety of the animal and of the person operating the vehicle can be committed in a significant way when the animal has related problems the trip. His behavior can distract the proprietor, turning it prone to you alter. 
Animals that space for the front bank of the car can put in risk the proprietor’s ability to drive in a correct way, as well as his own integrity. 
Whenever it will travel, or even in short distances, use the transport box or the seatbelt for animals. He will be safe and it won’t disturb the driver. Consult the veterinarian so that some medicine can be written prescriptions in case the animal has nausea or be very anxious. 
Good Trip! 
Vet Therapy – Cynara Campanati

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