November 30, 2009

The Acupuncture in the treatment of neurological disease

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The Acupuncture has been obtaining success in the treatment of a variety of neurological disturbances in animals. 
The veterinarian should try to identify the clinical signs of some possible lesion in the nervous system before the beginning of the acupuncture. 
The location of the lesion is essential for the correct handling of any animal with neurological disease. The lesion in the nervous system can be located starting from neurological signs and for the neurological exam. Through the evaluation of mental activity, function of the cranial nerves, marches, reflex and position reactions and for the sensorial tests it is possible to conclude the signs are attributed to diseases of the brain, of the spinal cord or of the outlying nervous system. 
The disturbances of the nervous system can cause pain or loss of the function. The main clinical application of the acupuncture is in the painful conditions, but you are obtained good results in the treatment of loss of the function, depending on the extension of the lesion. 
The signs of neurological dysfunction are associated a defect of the electric transmission of the nervous pulses. Several paresis degrees to the paralysis of the muscular function occur of that defect. 
One of the objectives of the acupuncture is to restore the normal transmission of the pulses. 
The disturbances neurological treaties are: disease of the disk intervertebral, epilepsy, cerebral vascular accident, trauma in the spinal cord, syndrome of the equine tail… 
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Physiotherapy in animals

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The physiotherapy in animals is the treatment of a disease by exercises and devices.



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November 27, 2009

Intoxication in cats

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It should be considered that the cats are exposed to a great variety of potential toxins, including agents as several as prescription drugs, chemical substances, domestic products and plants. 
The exhibition is not limited to the orally, but it can also involve inhalation and administration percutaneous or parenteral. 
Most of the cases of feline intoxication is accidental, instead of having intentional nature or iatrogenic. 
One of the main responsible factors for the susceptibility of the felines to several poisonous compositions links his limited capacity to metabolize directly and composed such unpoison, particularly in comparison with other species as the dogs. 



The poisoning with raticides is a common phenomenon in cats, with the exhibition of the animals the a variety of means, including negligent preparation of baits and secondary poisoning for the ingestion of rodents. 
The insecticides represent source common of poisoning for cats. The intoxication is always followed to the application or the organophosphorate ingestion or carbamate used as insecticides. 
The cats can also be intoxicated with, herbicides, metals (lead, arsenic, mercury), domestic products, medicinal products (salicylate, etc), dietary products (vitamin A).  

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What is rehabilitation

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The animal rehabilitation is made through Veterinary Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic.

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November 26, 2009

Adopting a pet

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Animals to make great companion and they give us the unconditional love, but to raise the animals is not an easy assignment. It asks for a lot of time, energy, wish and of money on your behalf. Before adopting a pet it considers some things for not being sorry later.
Some things of base to be followed first the adoption of a pet.   
To lift a pet is an expensive bargain. To be sure than you can allow yourself some of the expenses of base related to the different pets are the followings:   
+Amphibians, reptiles and fishes: aquarium, filter, heater, etc   
+Birds and rodents: Cage, bed, toys, etc   
+Dogs and cats: License, collar, leash, brush, toys, dish, bed, etc   
The other costs heads that are common to all the company animals are:   
+Food, Bedding, veterinary cares for company animals -   sick, traumas, or  emergency, veterinary assistance , vaccinations and other medical cares, according to the necessities.   

You need time and energy for the feeding, clean, manage, physical exercise, etc.

Time of every requisite for various company animals:   
+Amphibians, reptiles and fishes: 10 minutes a day, more 3 hours every two weeks.   
+Rabbits, mice: 30 minutes a day   
+Cats and birds: from 30 to 60 minutes a day   
+Dogs: More than a hour a day.   

Your pet also has need a space. Make sure himself to have enough space to your house to welcome a new member.   

Before getting your pet adoption examined by a veterinarian and to get your pet vaccinated against deadly illnesses.   
To adopt the animal from an authorized center / agency and to complete all the formalities legal applications.   

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What is animal rehabilitation

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Animal rehabilitation is the restoration to the normality or the closest possible of her, of form and function by some lesion type.

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November 25, 2009

Florals of Bach

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Florals of Bach are a alternative to treat animals with behaviors problems.

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November 24, 2009

Chiropractic in dogs

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The chiropractic adjustment in animals can increase theirs performance in competitions.

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Chiropractic in dog

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Neoplasm in cats.

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Cancer is a common disease in cats, just as in other domestic species and in human beings. 
However, nor all of the tumors are treatable with chemotherapy and all patient it should be considered as an individual in the evaluation of the appropriate treatment. 
Some cytotoxics drugs  used in dogs and human beings are not appropriate for cats and many if they will turn anorexic during the chemotherapy. 
Most of the tumors appears starting from the neoplam transformation of a single stem cell. 
The growth fraction constitutes the most important factor than it determines the answer of a tumor to the chemotherapy, because most of the cytotoxics drugs  is active just against cells in growth and in division. 
Initially, the tumors are composed of a group of cells reasonably homogeneous, but with successive cellular divisions, genetic mutations that check properties different phenotypic in the cell-daughters happening. 
Some tumors are resistant intrisically to the chemotherapy; for instance, many carcinomas and the  malignant melonoma. Big tumors and of slow growth also healthy relatively resistant, because of the fraction of low growth. 
Treatment of specific diseases selected with chemotherapy: Lymphoma (it is the most common tumor in cats), Myelome and Leukemia. 

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November 23, 2009

The incredible sensibility of the animals

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Several studious for the whole world, they dive in the fascinating world of the animal sensibility. Researchers like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, writer and English biologist and the Italian researchers S. Apuzzo and Ambrosio M. that tell incredible cases of the perception that the animals have of diseases, events and earth tremors in their books before the same ones happen. 
All the animals, some species more particularly, possess perception capacities that overcome in a lot to those human ones, the such point that their facts, observed a numberless of times, in all of the times and places, they do with that they get confused and get lost the limits between the science and the magic.  

In the last decades, the famous scientist Rupert Sheldrake researched the compound universe of the strangers perceptions of the animals and he built to respect an unitary theory told in his book Dogs that know their owners plows coming home (Dogs that know that their owners are arriving home). 
In the healthy book presented several relative testimonies to prodigious events that have as animal protagonists capable to notice things that the man doesn’t get.  

A study peculiar of Sheldrake is dedicated to the telepathy. 
The word means approximately to “notice from a distance” and, in the cases told in the book, situations are described in the ones which, for instance, cats foresaw the return in advance to the own owner’s house, some danger situation to him related or, more simply, they captured with the thought a call the owner’s distance, without there was any possibility to hear him with the physical ears. 
Sheldrake speaks about that in his book, examining cases of dogs, cats, horses and birds that get to return to his home, little the immense distance that seemed to turn the fact mattering practically impossible.  
Everything happens as if the animals had a magnetic map in the head, a “radar” working the whole time, capable to drive their steps in critical situations. A type of biological GPS. 
They also exist capacities peculiar of the animals that, besides leaving us amazed, they can in the very useful being.  
For instance, some dogs foresee the epileptic attacks  in the people, studied capacity and demonstrated in study driven by neurologist Adam Kirton, of Children’s Hospital, of Alberta, Canada, in 2004.  
The study, accomplished with 60 dogs, it demonstrated that 15% of them are quite necessary in the forecast of a epileptc crisis epileptc of the own owner, without training need.  

For some scientists, that probably drift of the smell capacity that the animals possess: before an epileptic attack, the human body could suffer physiologic alterations that would take to changes in the sudorese and in the chemical composition of the perspiration, modifications that the dogs would get to notice, or better, to smell. 

The more acquaintance paranormal capacity of the animals is, without a doubt, the one of foreseeing earthquakes and other important geological cataclysms.  

In 2004, hours before the tsunami that devastated the coast of several Asian countries, elephants in the proximities of beaches in Indonesia and in Sri Lanka they began to manifest signs of great inquietude.  

Several they tore the currents that arrested them and they fled for the high of hills, as that foreseeing that the areas were about the they be flooded. 
Another work on the theme, Anche gli animali vanno in paradiso (The animals also space to the paradise), of the Italian researchers S. Apuzzo and Ambrosio M. (Edizioni Mediterranee), he tells many surprising and inexplicable episodes.  

In the chapter about experiences driven at laboratory and destined to prove that some animals notice the events sharply even when they are impeded of using their normal senses, he narrates himself the history of a dog boxer that was linked the an electrocardiograph in a room to the sound proof, while his lady met in another room. 

Without the woman was informed, a strange individual invaded the room and it began to insult her and to threaten her of physical aggression.  

The woman was really afraid, and her dog, locked at the other room, she seemed to notice that her lady was in danger. The boxer entered in agitation and his heart rhythm arose violently.  
Reality or magic, the fact is that the animal physiology is very different from ours, some the sense of smell extremely superiors, other the visual capacity for colors and much more necessary movements than the human and still some that hear sounds that a human being would never distinguish. All this does with that the wealth of the animal world every time is one more reason of curiosity and study for the man.  
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